Supply chain

Scores of distribution centers, hundreds of suppliers, thousands of vendors, and countless parts and products; modern supply chains are the definition of complexity. Unsupervised can look across all that to deliver actionable insights to improve efficiency and decrease costs. 

One chain - one tool

Forecasting staffing demands and supply is key to both cost management and performance. Unsupervised can look at the nuances of the local economy, logistics site, employee details and shipments / inventory to deliver insights on when you have excess and insufficient supply.
Delivery Time Predictions
Breakdowns can occur in many places in the process of moving inventory, and understanding those requires comprehensive analyses of the items in question, the people involved, and the movements needed. Unsupervised can uniquely deliver on insights across those data sources and more, allowing you to better optimize both delivery time and cost.
The right items in the right place
Understanding where inventory is likely to be needed is the core of many supply chain challenges. Unsupervised’s experience in both supply chain and sales analytics means we can deliver unparalleled insights on inventory placement continuously. Give yourself the tools to be ahead of allocation.

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AI that can analyze millions of features

With the power to analyze millions of features in your data, you never have to select what data to include in your analysis again.

Utilize all your data across systems and silos simultaneously
Intelligent feature generation adds thousands of rich, human-understandable features to your data
The AI tells you exactly where to look, so you can handle data complexity with ease


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