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Unsupervised helps you manage inhuman amounts of complex data and learn what matters to you and your business. We empower you to make data-driven decisions even when you have more data than you can analyze.

Our AI helps you find meaningful patterns in your data quickly, prioritize what matters to you, and use that information to have data-driven conversations with your team. With Unsupervised, you’ll make better decisions and be able to track your team’s impact.

How it works:

Our AI finds patterns in your data

Unsupervised’s AI analyzes the full complexity of your data and identifies statistically significant patterns that highlight the differences across subgroups of your data. We use numerous unsupervised learning techniques to identify these patterns.

Once the AI has discovered the patterns that exist in your data, it analyzes each subgroup to see how it performs on your key business metrics and prioritizes the patterns based on what matters most for your business.

Review and prioritize

Our application presents the AI-discovered patterns to you and your team for regular review. Filter and sort the patterns to prioritize what can have the largest impact on your business. These prioritized insights become ready for action, discussion, or further investigation.

Use workflow built into the application to make sure that conversations within your team are more data-driven and oriented towards action.

Act and track

By acting on your prioritized patterns, you are starting the process of creating real and measurable ROI. Track the performance of these patterns over time so that you can report on the ROI generated from your analytics work.

As the AI learns from what you prioritize, what you act on, and ultimately what generates ROI in your business, the insights you see will continuously improve over time.

“I spent the last 3 years at Amazon Web Services focused on startups and AI/Machine Learning, and Unsupervised has one of the most interesting offerings I’ve seen. Their ability to quickly surface actionable insights from complex, disparate and messy data makes them accessible and broadly relevant. Any companies looking to tap into the promise of machine learning can now do so quickly & easily.”

Sundeep Ahuja
Enterprise AI Expert and Former Principal BD Manager for AI/ML at Amazon Web Services


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