Sales is the heart of your business, and deserves a complex approach to analysis. Unsupervised is the only tool that can look at all the data relating to sales and give you comprehensive insights.

We deliver insights that combine data from across:

  • Transactions
  • Structured product details
  • Unstructured product details like descriptions
  • Customer details
  • Channel
  • Salesperson
  • Targeted marketing
  • Promotions
  • Customer market details
  • 3rd party data like Acxiom

Move the needle

Better Targeting
Identify the specific attributes of the customers buying different products. Know the customers to target for acquisition and activation, and which content to use with them.
Channel Improvement
Identify the attributes of the salespeople who excel at different types of products or customers. Discover the store attributes that click with different customers. Tune the placement and structure of your website. All your data brought together makes omnichannel insights real.
Insights across your whole structure
Unsupervised learns your business structure, and gives you insights at all levels. It delivers you the insights that are relevant to individual divisions or regions with precision. Yet it also finds the broad patterns across your whole business. Unsupervised is uniquely able to empower people at all levels of your business with the precision insights that matter to them.

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AI that can analyze millions of features

With the power to analyze millions of features in your data, you never have to select what data to include in your analysis again.

Utilize all your data across systems and silos simultaneously
Intelligent feature generation adds thousands of rich, human-understandable features to your data
The AI tells you exactly where to look, so you can handle data complexity with ease


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