Customer retention

Customers are complex, and you need tools that can deal with that complexity. Unsupervised can look at all your interactions with customers simultaneously, including:

  • Product purchases (with product details)
  • Support interactions
  • Marketing content consumption
  • Intrinsic customer attributes
  • Local customer market details

The insights from all these sources combined into a single analysis lets you have a true 360 degree view of the customer, and understand your precise opportunities to better attract and retain those customers.

Wholistic retention improvement

Differentiate on Products
Most of your customers likely buy many products or services from you. Unsupervised can include not just the list of product they bought in it’s analysis, but the details of every one of those products. That includes unstructured content like product descriptions.
Customer 360 Interactions
Your customer touches your company in lots of ways, and they all matter to retention. Unsupervised can include data from your support systems, complaints, targeted marketing, and many other channels. That means you know when an interaction or set of interactions matter to retention without having to hunt.
Private and Secure
We know that honoring your customer’s data is critical to your business, and we support that in every way we can. Choose from using our highly secure cloud offering or run inside your own cloud accounts with zero data leaves your company.

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AI that can analyze millions of features

With the power to analyze millions of features in your data, you never have to select what data to include in your analysis again.

Utilize all your data across systems and silos simultaneously
Intelligent feature generation adds thousands of rich, human-understandable features to your data
The AI tells you exactly where to look, so you can handle data complexity with ease


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