Contact center

Customers are complex, and you need tools that can deal with that complexity. Unsupervised can give you a complete view of your customers and how they interact with your call center including:

  • Influence of product purchases (with product details)
  • Intrinsic customer attributes
  • Local customer market details
  • Interaction ticket data
  • Interaction unstructured data including call audio logs and chat logs

The insights from all these sources combined into a single analysis lets you have a true 360 degree view of the customer and their interactions with your Contact Center.

Improve service and metrics

Prioritize Bot Training
Automated Agents are only as effective in diverting cases as the content they are trained upon. Unsupervised can show you the details of the trending causes of tickets in the full detail of the data, not just the predefined topics in your system.
Drive intelligence upstream
The best support interaction is the one that is never needed. Identified the interactions of products, customer attributes and contacts that can help organizations like product management or merchandising prevent issues before they happen.
Reduce Costs
Unsupervised provides a stream of insights on what is driving volume and duration. Now you know where to invest to reduce key metrics instead of guessing.

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AI that can analyze millions of features

With the power to analyze millions of features in your data, you never have to select what data to include in your analysis again.

Utilize all your data across systems and silos simultaneously
Intelligent feature generation adds thousands of rich, human-understandable features to your data
The AI tells you exactly where to look, so you can handle data complexity with ease


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